Ready Steady Cook

A neighbourly cookery session with a difference. Go with the flow as you bring together your neighbours, your random ingredients, your skills and recipes, and learn to reduce food waste together.

UK households waste an average of £720 a year on throwing away food that could have been eaten.

This is a really creative and enjoyable way to share cookery and budgeting skills with friends and neighbours – and can involve people of all ages in small or large groups.

A lot of us have lost skills in what to do with our brown bananas, crusts and leftovers and are not confident making delicious food from the random selection in our fridges and cupboards.

How to do it

Step 1: find a house or community building to host your meal

Step 2: invite some neighbours – a number that will fit the kitchen and dining space – ideally some good cooks keen to share their knowledge and skills

Step 3: invite people to bring their random selection of bits from the fridge and cupboards (as long as they aren’t past their use by date).

Step 4. Decide what you might want to cook given the food and equipment available

Step 5. Get cooking

Step 6. Enjoy!

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