Draught proofing parties

Some homes, even fairly modern ones, can lose as much as 30% of their heat through draughts. Instead of tackling this alone, why not club together with your neighbours and make it into a social event.

Draughtproofing is cheap, quick and relatively easy and can be done using simple DIY techniques or by a professional for more complex jobs. It helps you save money and carbon for a very small outlay.

How it works

Read a draughtproofing guide to get ideas on locating draughts and the materials you will need to do the job. Here is a guide designed for DIY draughtproofing.

Talk to your neighbours. Would they be interested in doing this with you? Are there practical people who are keen on DIY who would like to get involved? Maybe if that’s not you then you could offer other things - like costing up materials, recruiting others, or making the tea and cake.

Do a little survey of the homes involved and measure up for materials. For some things this could be really simple - like draughtproofing strip for doors and windows or gaps in floorboards. For other things like windows it may need more thought.

Approach a local hardware shop. You could always see if they would be willing to offer a discount for bulk buying.

Have a street draughtproofing weekend working together on each house in turn. 

Remember the tea and cake!

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