Follaton Community Cinema

When a small group of neighbours who didn't know each other, got together through Transition Streets, they had no idea that they would create a cinema that would bring the community together.

Follaton is an estate on the edge of Totnes. When a group of neighbours formed a Transition Street group many of them knew very few people in the community.

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After they’d completed the Transition Streets project, they wanted to find ways to socialise more with neighbours and bring the community together. With little other entertainment available in the area they set up a new community cinema in the local hall, run by the community for themselves: bringing people out of their houses, creating new friendships and connections and reducing the need for people to get in their cars.

One of the cinema founders Martin says 

‘When that first Transition Streets leaflet came through the door we knew our neighbours and no one else on the estate. Now it’s impossible to leave the house without seeing someone we know.’

‘The idea came up following a shared meal for local Transition Streets groups. About 10 of us got together to start organising. We started using rented screening equipment, cooking homemade cakes and selling raffle tickets. Then we got a Lottery grant to buy our own equipment to do children’s shows and matinees for the older people and those who can’t get out in the evenings.

Our idea worked: it brought people out of their homes. People came to the community centre who had never been before, people new to the estate came along and made new friends.