Sparrow Road

Nestled near the centre of town, 'The Sparrows' are a multi-generational group of neighbours that like to play, share and party.

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Nestled under the castle in Totnes, Sparrow Road is a small cul-de-sac with an incredible sense of community. ‘The Sparrows’ took part in the original Transition Streets project in 2010 and their friendships and connections remain strong to this day.

As no cars pass through the street feels very safe and Sparrow children and those from the adjoining street play games and ride their bikes and scooters out in the road. A little area of woodland at the end provides a wild space where the children can play together. 

The Sparrows are very fond of holding regular street parties and often share food, as well as clubbing together for a regular bulk food order to reduce costs.

During the pandemic when some vulnerable members of the street were shielding the neighbours were already good friends and were quickly able to provide support for each other.